Neeru Kumar Handwoven Fabrics, Bedcovers, Pillows, and Throws, exclusive to Pat McGann.

Painting of Neeru Kumar by Namrata Kumar

Designer and weaver Neeru Kumar’s handwoven fabrics and textiles have been called “Antiques of the Future”. It’s no surprise that, at first glimpse, Los Angeles antique shop owner Pat McGann determined to seek them out. A trip to India 20 years ago and the collaboration began, evolving from throws, bedcovers, and pillows, into Neeru Kumar Hand Woven Fabrics, exclusive to Pat McGann.

Neeru Kumar, arguably India’s foremost weaver and textile designer, fashioned a revolutionary return to the hand loom weaving traditions of “Amazing India”, albeit with a contemporary design sensibility. Educated at the prestigious National Design Institute in Ahmadabad, she knew early on that weaving was her passion. Graduating in 1980, she was on her the way to early and continuing success with her innovative interpretations of India’s weaving heritage, combining wild Tussar silk with wool, linen, and cotton.

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